About the Alive Center



Our Story

Alive is Naperville’s teen center. Centrally located, we provide teens a unique place to connect, discover and come alive! Our mission is to be a teen-led, teen-driven (TLTD) center focused on empowering the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow. As a nonprofit organization we offer free drop-in hours after school and over the summer as well as a myriad of programs, classes and events, designed to build confident and resilient teens.

On any given day at Alive one will find teen-led tutoring, mentoring and clubs as well as life skill classes such as unstructured art and dance, nutrition and healthy cooking, stress management, open music venues, creative writing and just plain fun! We are a place to belong and learn important life skills. We are about new experiences and expanding minds!

Our paid programming and rentals help us to fully utilize the space while allowing our community to support our local teens.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Our Vision

To make Naperville and Alive a National Leader in teen-led teen-driven (TLTD) empowerment programs.


Our Merger with NaperBridge

We merged with NaperBridge in January of 2015. Our NaperBridge Teen Program is student driven. Teen voice, teen direction and teen support are fundamental to NaperBridge’s mission. We believe that in order to create a space that is inviting and engaging for teens, it must honor their interests and values. Our 10-member Student Advisory Board focuses on crucial topics ranging from organizational policy to event planning and charity service projects.


The Alive Center is located at 500 W. 5th Avenue in Naperville behind Naperville North High School. The center has 5000’ of space – including a lounge, kitchen, small and large studio and coaching rooms. It is walkable from two of the local high schools and two of the local junior highs.


Our Mission

Our mission statement was written by our teens and is the voice and heart which drives the center:


Our Mission is to be a teen-led, teen-driven center focused on empowering the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow.



  • Provide a unique space and environment for teens to discover who they are through ingenuity and various creative mediums
  • Provide a place for teens to learn and grow through innovation, leadership and service
  • Provide a safe and supportive monitored environment for teens after school
  • Teach important life skills such healthy alternatives for coping with stress
  • Offer the most innovative, creative and content rich programs with the highest quality instructors and certified coaches
  • Leverage our adult programming and room rentals to fund our teen program

What We Offer

Alive provides teens with a unique place that is Teen-Led Teen-Driven (TLTD) to empower the youth of today to become the impassioned, resilient leaders of tomorrow. Our Teen Initiate Program supports older teens in creating, leading and driving programs at Alive to serve our younger teens. This teens helping teens model empowers all of them to be their best.


Teen Initiate: An Innovation Program to support teens in creating and leading

Events such as concerts, poetry slams and open mic nights. (TLTD)

Charity service events.

Paid classes/workshops with topics like cooking, mindfulness, art, writing, music and dance healing arts.

Student Advisory Board (TLTD)

Free Drop in Hours after school

  • Video games, board games, open art room, ping pong, bags tutoring, structured activities and more.
  • Tutoring (TLTD)
  • Mentoring (TLTD)
  • Science Club (TLTD)
  • Girl Empowerment Club (TLTD)
  • Free classes such as art, cooking, improv, creative journaling, drawing and more!

Alive Teen Center Drop-in Hours

School year: 3pm – 6pm | Half days: 11:30am – 4pm | School institute days 1pm – 4pm |
Summer: 1pm – 4pm | 
Holidays: closed