Walk aims to unify the Naperville community

Walk aims to unify the Naperville community

Excerpt from the Daily Herald by Susan Sarkauskas Read full article People put their best feet forward Sunday in Naperville to show their belief that we should practice compassion and respect diversity of culture, religion and race. At least 60 of them trudged from a...

What Makes You Come Alive?

What does this mean to you? What exactly does it mean to have “come alive”? It is not the fact that you are conscious, have a heartbeat, and are breathing. I believe it is that exhilarating feeling — that sense of passion, of purpose that we have when we are doing wha...

New walk in Naperville to help teens learn about mental health

Marie Wilson with the Daily Herald: An event in Naperville will add mental health awareness and suicide prevention to the causes supported by teens at theAlive Center in Naperville. Since the center opened near Naperville North High School in 2015, teens have gotten...

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Alive Center Grand Opening!

Naperbridge joined together

with the Alive Center to create a

unique place for the whole


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